Not knowing all the social networking site names in the world is the 2nd episode

Not knowing all the social networking site names in the world is the 2nd episode

Social networking sites are 2nd

Today I will know the names of 33 more sites and the second details about the social networking site.

The following site names exist: -
34 - ReverbNation
It is the ideal social networking platform for music industry and professionals to connect with others in the music industry.

It provides musicians with a variety of tools to manage their careers and gives them proper access to their music industry partners and fans.

35 - Flixster
This is an American social networking site for those who like movies and want to connect with like-minded people by sharing movie reviews and ratings.

Its users can learn about movies and get information about new movies.

36 - Care2
This social media site helps to connect activities with similar individuals, businesses and organizations around the world that are having an impact on society.

It encourages people to live a healthy and green life.

37 - Cafmom
This ad-supported social networking website is a community for mothers and mothers-to-be that enables them to get support and advice on a variety of topics such as pregnancy, fashion, health and diet.

It helps them learn from the experiences of other mothers.

38 - Ravelry
Revelli is a community-based social network aimed at people interested in fiber arts such as spinning, knitting, weaving and crocheting.

These individuals can learn from the experiences of other members to share their own collections, different ideas and the possibility of better collaboration.

39 - Nextdoor
It is a personal social networking platform for neighborhoods in the United States.

The purpose is quite simple: to allow users to connect with people in their area.

40 - Wayn
Wayne is a travel- and lifestyle-oriented social networking platform and provides users with the ability to discover what to do, what to do, and how to meet like-minded people to share their experiences.

41 - Cellufun
This social gaming community can be easily accessed from any mobile device.

Through this mobile gaming-based social network, users can socialize, create avatars, play games and buy virtual products.

42 - YouTube
YouTube is the world's largest video-sharing social networking site that enables users to upload and share videos, view them, comment on them and like them.

This social network is accessible around the world and even enables users to create a YouTube channel where they can upload their privately recorded videos to show off to their friends and followers.

43 - Vine
It is an entertainment-based, short-form video sharing social media site where members can easily share videos up to six seconds long.

It includes the Twitter family and allows easy integration to share and watch videos with other social networking platforms.

44 - Classmates
Classmates allow users to communicate and keep in touch with acquaintances and acquaintances from school and college. Users can also upload their yearbooks from their school year.

45 - MyHeritage
It is an online genealogy social platform that supports more than 42 languages ​​and allows its users to create family trees,

Gives the ability to upload and browse through family photos and manage their own family history.

It can be used by people to find their ancestors and get more information about them.

46 - Viadeo
Vayadeo is an online business-based social networking site that helps business people, mostly from Europe, to connect with each other. It is available in almost different languages.

47 - Xing
This professional social networking site provides features similar to LinkedIn's features with its main users based in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. However it is unique in the sense that it enables closed group discussions between members of a particular organization or business.

48 - Xanga
This blogging based social networking platform hosts weblogs, photo blogs and social networking profiles for its users.

49 - LiveJournal
This San Francisco-based social networking site is available in Russia as Jivoy Jhurnal or Zhe Zhe. It enables users to control privacy as well as maintain a diary, blog or journal.

50 - Friend Star
Friendstar used to be a social networking site for finding friends and staying in touch but it is now a social gaming network for gamers in Asia.

51 - Funny or Die
This comedy video social website aims to bring together fun videos from the web. Celebrities follow this social platform a lot and it enables users to share, upload and rate videos.

52 - Gaia Online
Gaia Online is an anime themed social networking and forum-based website. It gives users access to avatars, virtual worlds, games, etc.

53 - We Heart It
Available in more than 20 languages, this photo-sharing social media site is ideal for everyday inspiration or inspiration to users.

This enables users to view and share highly inspiring images with their friends.

54 - Buzznet
This social media site allows users to share content based on their personal interests in the form of videos, photos and journals. It integrates seamlessly with Facebook.

55 - DeviantArt
DiviantArt is considered the largest online social networking community for art lovers and artists. It enables users to take photos of their artwork and share it with others.

56 - Flickr
It is another very popular photo sharing website. It serves as a platform for uploading numerous high quality images,

Especially by photographers or people who like photography.

 It is also an efficient online photo management and sharing service.

57 - MeetMe
Formerly known as My Yearbook, Mitmi targets users who want to find new friends and chat with them.

This makes it extremely popular among teenagers and young students.

58 - MeetUp
This social networking portal enables you to find groups of like-minded people near your region (anywhere in the world).

It also helps group meetings offline and you can be part of such national groups and their discussions.

59 - Tout
Tout is a social networking cum micro-blogging platform that lets you watch and share videos up to 15 seconds long.

The videos shared on this platform are known as touts.

60 - Mixi
It is a popular Japanese social networking service with around 20 million active users.

It enables you to connect with your friends and loved ones in a convenient way and even based on your areas of interest.

61 - Douban
This Chinese social networking site has something for registered and registered users.

It enables registered users to record information and create content based on music, movies, books and events in Chinese cities.

Registered users of Duban can get reviews and ratings of books, music and movies.

62 - Vero
Vero says it's "a social network for those who like enough to share it - and want control over who they share it with."

Just like we do in real life. "

Vero is a subscription-based social network that has no ads and does not collect any personal user data.

It has some really nice features as a great alternative to Facebook.

This is a completely different model considering that Facebook needs user data to make money.

Vero collects some usage data that is used to see how many times the app is used to. Another great thing about the data they collect is how it is displayed to you.

Vero wants to address the issue of social media addiction.

63 - Quora
Koora is a place where people ask questions and can share and acquire knowledge with answers.

64 - Spreely
Spraley is a social media platform that is free from censorship and shadow free.

 The name "Spraley" is spoken and created freely and promotes freedom of speech for its users.

65 - Discord
With more than 250 million users, Discord is now a popular platform, growing by at least ten million per week.

It is designed for gamers voice and text chat.

It's 100% free, secure and works great on both your desktop and phone. A great free alternative to premium services like TeamSpeak.

66 - Tiktok
TikTok is extremely popular with kids nowadays. If you are under 16, this is the place to be.

A social video application that lets its users share short videos.

 Your videos have lots of stickers, filters and augmented reality features to add.

It is the fourth most downloaded app in 2018 and looks set to top the list in 2020.

TikTok is known in Chinese as Duine, which means "sound of vibration".

Available on iOS and Android, Tiktok is popular for creating short music videos in 3 to 15 seconds. You can also create short looping videos in 3 to 60 seconds.

I hope the social networking portals listed above, which are suitable for gaming, dating, photo sharing and blogging for different categories, prove to be valuable to you.

I hope you like the post.

Stay tuned with us to get more good posts and tech updates like this.

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