Take a look at some of the details about the awesome technology 5G can use

Take a look at some of the details about the awesome technology 5G can use

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We all love to get great speed internet, and this is why the telecom company is working on technology to increase Internet speed. From mobile to car, home, etc., the internet has become very essential and of course is spending more and more bandwidth with them. So 3G is bringing us some extraordinary technology to make the Internet richer and more bandwidth to be used simultaneously. But as a Techy person you must know - what is in this technology? How different is it from 3G or 4G?

What is 5G?

Here "G" means "Generation" and wireless companies started their journey from that 1G. Then came 2G where for the first time text message between two mobile devices was possible. Then came 3G, which gave us the ability to browse text messages, calls, the internet, etc. a lot differently than before. 4G has all the advantages of 3G, just increased the internet speed, so that you can easily download files of any size. It was then that LTE technology came to us to make 4G faster, which made 4G technology even more powerful.

Bandwidth speeds are 5x more than 4G from current 4G technology to 5G. Typically, it is possible to get 1-3 + gigabits / second speed in this technology and the best news is that it will have a latency of only 5 milliseconds. So you can understand, by using 5G technology what amount of internet speed will be available! 4K video can be downloaded or uploaded very easily using this 5G technology. Another great feature in 5G technology is that it will work at 90% less energy consumption. People who use cellular Internet over 3G or 4G must know how fast the charge goes out when the internet is connected. But that won't be the case, with the use of this 5G technology, it is reported that it may cost a lot to use WiFi.

With 5G technology providing huge amounts of bandwidth usage - now mobile operators will depend on how much they give us. And since the question on 5G comes with bandwidth, then now it is expected that mobile internet companies will no longer think about selling 5GB 5GB, their bandwidth must be reduced, and how will the public spend such bandwidth? If we are really lucky enough to see the real unlimited plan on the mobile internet after 5G arrives.

How does it work
When you make a call or give a massage to someone using mobile, an electro magnetic wave from your mobile phone hits the nearest mobile tower. The mobile phone tower helps that signal reach your friend's mobile phone. Not just calls or text messages, but when you send or Received any other data (such as pictures, videos), it works the same way.

When will 5G come?
Not surprisingly - this 5G technology has come with us but alreadi and the service has been launched to test in many places in the United States. However, according to most experts, this 5G technology will not be available worldwide by 2020. However, it is expected that many operators of many countries will launch this new 5G technology service by 2020-27.


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